The Sturgis Diaries The First Year: A Farewell to My Cherry

The Sturgis Diaries The First Year:

A Farewell to My Cherry

Cam is hungry for sex. What better way to cure her inexperience than at the world’s largest motorcycle rally, Sturgis — the biggest party on earth? Swarming with thousands of bikers, this party might offer Cam more than she can handle.

While staying at the roughest, baddest campground around during bike week, Cam sometimes finds herself in over her head. Young and sexy, attention follows her everywhere, but the wrong kind might get her into trouble. Luckily, her tent-neighbor Dylan has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Will he keep her safe, or become one of her predators?

Follow her first of many years at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

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Reviews for “The First Year: A Farewell to My Cherry”

Five Stars  – T.S. Addison

Excellent Story!

Brandie Buckwine’s “The First Year: A Farewell to My Cherry” – the first of “The Sturgis Diaries” – is an excellent story of the loss of innocence. Well, Cam isn’t quite that innocent but the soon-to-be college freshman is out to lose her virginity, and she plans to do it at the Sturgis biker rally. On her own, Cam heads to the largest biker party in the country looking for Mr. Right Now to whom she can give her virginity. Even while having a hot time, it isn’t long before she learns she might be a little over her head on this adventure. Fortunately, Dylan, an older man, literally comes to her rescue and becomes Cam’s knight in black leather. Their initially bumpy relationship soon warms as he takes the youn adventuress under his wing. Will he be the one? What do you think?

Brandie not only spins a good yarn, she brings the flavor of Sturgis to her story. I hope this is only the first of her “Sturgis Diaries” because I can’t wait to see what other stories she’s brought home from the Black Hills.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful cover by Ellison James. Excellent art work!

If you’re looking for a good, sexy read, get this one!

Five Stars – JL Stratton

A Must Read – A Great Story and Hot Erotica!

An exciting, realistic, and totally hot read!
I loved the concept and the characters. Cameron (Cam) is like any young girl looking to explore and expand her world, and she chooses to do it in a wonderful, raw, and exciting location – Sturgis Bike Week!

I simply cannot wait for the next installment of this series, and would like Brandie Buckwine to know she just created a rabid fan with this story! Five Stars all the way!

Five Stars – Raine Miller

Loved the book! Cam is a smart girl on her way to college and wanting to experience sex HER way. Read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down till I read the last page. Lot’s of action and a fun twist at the end. Very well written and definitely worth your dime. The first in Brandie Buckwine’s Sturgis Diaries series.


We wandered around after the concert and stumbled upon the Miss Buffalo Chip contest. Any of my remaining innocence disappeared over the course of the event. The beauty started out in shorts and a bikini top, but during her mesmerizing dance, the coverings flew off. Dylan stood behind me, clutching me tight against his body. His erection pressed into me and my nipples tightened when she briefly sat, kicked her legs in a wide circle, and flashed her pussy. The yelling of the horny gathering almost drowned the sound of the her music, Pour Some Sugar On Me.

I pressed my ass against him and reached behind to wrap my arms around his neck. The jacket made the scrunching sound in response. My panties flooded when he ran his hands up the inside of my shirt to brush my nipples. The contestant approached one man near the stage and pulled him to her breast. He obliged, eagerly pulling her nipple between his lips. Dylan pinched mine, and I moaned. Many in the crowd engaged in the some sort of petting— men stroked their dicks through their jeans, and women flashed their breasts all around.

The Miss Buffalo Chip wannabe came back to our side of the stage, gave us her back, bent over to give us a great view of her pussy and ass, then, to my delight, she stuck her finger in her hole and started to diddle herself, right there on stage. Dylan slid his hand down the front of my jeans until he found my slit. The thrill of his touch mixed with the sight of the young woman finger fucking herself made my pussy throb.

She strutted around the stage looking so damn sexy, I wanted to fuck her beautiful body. Then, she stared into the crowd until she found what she needed. When she reached out, a bystander handed her his bottle of beer. The dance began again, with her sipping the beer as she moved. The button fly of my jeans popped and Dylan dug deeper. His other hand rolled my nipple between his fingers. The woman stopped, spread her legs and bent at the knees. She tipped the bottle once more, then brought it down and crammed the neck up her pussy. I gasped loudly, and Dylan pierced me with his finger. Her eyes met mine as she fucked the bottle  with her sensual moves, and Dylan fucked me with his finger. I came with a squeal, washing his fingers with my juices, while the audience cheered her raunchy moves. She winked at me, took a hard swig from the pussy-laced beer, and danced off to the other side of the stage to show others her skills with a bottle.

My brain was still reeling, intoxicated from the display and my orgasm when Dylan dragged me away, back to his tent. I rambled as he removed my jeans and panties, then his own clothes.

“Oh my God, I cannot believe she did that— that was so fucking sexy.”

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