The Boathouse


The Boathouse

The Boathouse PDF

When three twenty-something cousins reunite at a family reunion, old memories ignite new passions. Childhood games and crushes are resurrected when the three get together. Can they play nice, or will their secret desires get the best of them?

Mark and Julian always had a competitive spirit against each other, and when they reunite with their sexy cousin, Becky, they take the competition to a whole new level.

The Boathouse has now been banned by Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, and Smashwords, so I’m offering it here as a free download. This is a prude-free zone! 


What are people saying about “The Boathouse?”

Five Stars – Larey Batz, Smashwords

The only thing better than well written erotica is very well written erotica. BB handles the taboo with such an intriguing eye for emotional detail that the well-meaning prude inside you is forced to open their mind to the possibilities. From setting, to characterization to the overall tone, this story is crafted from a perspective that draws you into these characters lives and desires without leaving you with the urge to immediately clear your browser history afterwards. The best thing about this story is it doesn’t hit you over the head with the subject matter. It teases, builds tension and rewards the reader in a way that good fiction writing, regardless of genre is supposed to. It’s the rare erotica writer that can pull you into the dark waters of an incest fantasy and not drown you with heavy-handed, ‘shock value’ porn. This is a story of unfulfilled passion, that doesn’t apologize or advocate as these characters allow the embers from an earlier time of exploration to finally spark into flame. Very well written and highly recommended reading.

Five Stars – Nikki Palmer, All Romance Ebooks

So hot and so good! I loved this story. It’s about a family reunion with a young woman running into her adult cousins who she’d experimented with in the past. It made me laugh out loud, but was great! Very well written. Five stars all the way!

Five Stars – Rushmore Judd, Barnes & Noble

This story grows in hotness as you read further into it. It breaks one boundary after another as lust overcomes societal barriers. I highly recommend this to those who enjoy erotica.

Five Stars – Ivan Torres, Smashwords

I feel honored that this has been my first Brandie Buckwine story. The story is captivating with the three voices integrated perfectly and moving the story along. The characters feel real and not at all imaginary. As you read you can picture the events taking place because most of us have experienced one, two or all three of the encounters described with such vivid detail that I could feel my blood pressure go up.
Concept, although controversial, it is not farfetched) 5 stars, writting style (well-written and kept me hooked until reading the last word. I couldn’t let it go for a second) 5 stars, hot steamy factor: 5 stars and if I could I’d give it ten, I would. Hell, I could put a jalapeño with flames to represent how sexy and scorching hot this was.

Five Stars – Summer Ellis, Smashwords

I love B.B.’s style… Awesome story and actually very well written, unlike a lot of the erotic fodder out there. Very risque, but sooooo sexy! I hope there will be a follow up, because I’m in love.

If you haven’t already done so, you have to read B.B.’s other story, Crazy Emma! So cute and sexy, you’ll fall in love too 🙂


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