Daring in Dreams — Now Available on Amazon!

It’s official! It’s done and I’ve shoved it out into the world.


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Nico’s always considered Vera Watson hot, but her timid nature and sense of superiority are a huge turn off. If only he hadn’t been so damn drunk the night she jumped him back in college, it might be enough to banish her from his fantasies.

Shy to the bone, Vera would never make a move on her long-time crush, Nico Kallis. Even though he bragged to friends he’d scored with her one night long ago – a total lie – and she should at least dislike him, she can’t stop pining for him.

When circumstances push Vera out of her home and into cohabitation with her pals from college, the stress of living with Nico, and the continued presence of a stalker, turns her life upside down.

An unexpected night of passion changes everything for Nico, until he discovers what he thought was the beginning of something amazing isn’t even a vague memory for his new, sleepwalking roommate.

Due to strong language, explicit sexual situations, and mature themes, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

A 76,000 word novel by tfc Parks, writing as Brandie Buckwine.


Contact the author by commenting below if you can’t purchase for kindle and would like an epub version of Daring in Dreams.

2 thoughts on “Daring in Dreams — Now Available on Amazon!

    • Thanks, Jamie! Tough to say. The first day the book is released is exciting, waiting for those first few sales, knowing someone is going to be reading it, hoping like hell they like it. 😀

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