Crazy Emma – A Free Book

Crazy Emma

Crazy Emma

What would make an otherwise sensible and stable woman fake a past acquaintance with a man she’s never met? Love and lust at first sight, that’s what!  Emma doesn’t believe in love, yet one look at a total stranger makes her take extraordinary measures to meet and seduce the man she’d never dreamed of finding.

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Crazy Emma 

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What are people saying about “Crazy Emma?”

Five Stars – Ernest Winchester, Smashwords

Delightful little tale of a woman caught in the throes of lust at first sight.

Five Stars – Ellison James, Smashwords

Brandy Buckwine has proven her work a force to be reckoned with in her debut story “Crazy Emma.” I immediately understood the main character through the colorful, descriptive, and everyday understand Buckwine portrayed in her style of writing. Then Emma starts making some unique and risky choices but I followed right along as if the decision was my own.

Brandy Buckwine incorporated the sweet romance of Jax Cassidy and the Sexy nastiness of Selena Kitt in her story. I would have paid good money for a story of this quality and you can be sure, I’ll be a longtime customer and reader of Brandy’s stories as long as she chooses to write them. She’s proven her skills and I’ll follow her and her characters through hell and high water (at whatever price she commands) from now on.

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